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Hardwood Floor Cleaning In Phoenixville PA

By July 6, 2018No Comments

No Wax Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning In Phoenixville PA for a customer that was getting their house ready to sell. We were able to get a lot of those lite scratches out of the hardwood floors and made them shine like they were brand new. We cleaned the Carpets as well. 

We can clean your Armstrong or Mannington beautiful kitchen or bathroom vinyl or linoleum floors with ease. Our process consists of using our rotary machine with special floor pad using a degreaser, stripper, or neutral floor cleaner, depending on the amount of soil and/or wax/sealer on the floor.

It is then followed by a spinner machine rinsing process. We may use a mop rinse also. We can apply the shine keeper shine wax sealer to make your floor look shiny and like new again. If you have a VCT floor, we can service your needs also.