Carpet cleaning:


     At Nave’s cleaning service we offer hot water extraction (steam cleaning), and (dry cleaning) dry foam cleaning, encapsulation dry cleaning, depending on your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations and warrantees. Most carpet mills would have you to have your carpets steam cleaned by an IICRC professional carpet cleaner at least every 12 months or your warrantee is voided.


We usually do mostly steam cleaning because it cleans a little deep and thoroughly than other methods we offer. For steam cleaning the process is quick and thorough. One of the 2 owners and possibly a technician will come to your home and find out what areas of carpet you need cleaned. Any heavy stains if any pet stain or odor etc. or areas of concern, and what small furniture you may want cleaned under. We will pre-treat all carpet areas and concentrate on any heavy stains, soiling or traffic areas. We will then steam clean and rinse the carpet areas. We don’t use any soaps or detergents that can still clean good, but your carpet will resoil a few months later.


We use a textile rinse that will leave no residue to resoil your carpet, and make the fibers soft, fluffy, and the colors bright. Usually the dry time is 4-8 hours depending on the humidity. We can apply a protector to the carpet areas which will help keep the carpets looking their best. We guarantee our work to be the best to do what we say were going to do at the beginning of our home consultation. You can usually find special coupons in the clipper magazine or on this website you can print out.


Upholstery cleaning:

At Nave’s cleaning services, we offer hot water extraction (steam cleaning), and (dry cleaning) (leather upholstery cleaning) dry foam cleaning, encapsulation dry cleaning, for any of your upholstery needs.


We will usually use steam cleaning on most of your upholstery, since we use a pre-treat to break down body oils any stains and soiling followed by a textile rinse which will not leave any soaps in your fabric.


This causes resoiling, but it will leave your fabric clean, bright and soft. dry time is usually 3-6 hours. If you have Haitian cotton or another fabric which would need dry cleaning. We would then use the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery.


Pet stain and odor

   At Nave’s cleaning services, we are Pet stain and odor control specialists. We have many different treatments for your cat or dog problems. We usually will pre-treat your upholstery or carpet, depending on them problem area with a step #1 pet enzyme. This is specifically formulated to break down pet-related stains, which are usually feces or urine.

We will then follow by a steam cleaning process with a textile rinse to rinse the uric acid form your pet out of the rug or fabric. We will follow with a step # 2 safe, powerful but strong pet deodorizer, to hopefully eliminate the odor from your carpet or fabric. If your pet has consistently marked the same area on your carpet or furniture, the odor may be in the padding, or the secondary backing of the carpet which could possibly need us to do injection treatments in the pad or down to the floor under the carpet or in the foam of your furniture to resolve the severe pet damage at this point.


We may even have to replace the pad and reinstall existing carpet in extreme situations if the odor persists. This is the most inexpensive way to try to resolve the stain or odor problem before you have to replace the carpet or upholstery.


Cleaning Oriental, Heirloom and Area Rugs

No matter how small or how big, whether it’s a $10,000 Persian rug that was your great grandmothers handed down to you, or if it’s an inexpensive olefin throw rug under your kitchen table, we can make it look beautiful once again. We will pick up your area rugs or rugs at your home for a small travel charge, take it to our professional plant, they will hand wash it, beat it, hang it, and package it up when finished.


We can apply a protector, do a moth treatment, a pet treatment, we can do a repair, refringe, surge and/or refringe if need be. It usually takes 7-10 days to get your rug back from the time we pick it up. Our technicians can put it back in the area it has been prior to cleaning. We can touch up your area rugs in your home if preferred, but not recommended, only if the rug is not heavily stained or soiled.

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