Pet Stain and Odor Removal


   At Nave’s cleaning services, we are Pet stain and odor control specialists. We have many different treatments for your cat or dog problems. We usually will pre-treat your upholstery or carpet, depending on them problem area with a step #1 pet enzyme. This is specifically formulated to break down pet-related stains, which are usually feces or urine.

We will then follow by a steam cleaning process with a textile rinse to rinse the uric acid form your pet out of the rug or fabric. We will follow with a step # 2 safe, powerful but strong pet deodorizer, to hopefully eliminate the odor from your carpet or fabric. If your pet has consistently marked the same area on your carpet or furniture, the odor may be in the padding, or the secondary backing of the carpet which could possibly need us to do injection treatments in the pad or down to the floor under the carpet or in the foam of your furniture to resolve the severe pet damage at this point.

We may even have to replace the pad and reinstall existing carpet in extreme situations if the odor persists. This is the most inexpensive way to try to resolve the stain or odor problem before you have to replace the carpet or upholstery.


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