Upholstery cleaning Landsdale PA

Dry Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery


Upholstery cleaning Landsdale PA, If you have your son or daughter happen to get engaged unexpectedly and you’re having an engagement party scheduled ASAP at your home, and you need your carpets or sofa dry in 3 hours, we can help you. We can use our dry cleaning encapsulation method or dry foam cleaning method. Whatever your carpet or upholstery manufacturers recommendation says how to clean, we can do it.


We will do a fiber ID on your carpet or furniture to see what method would be best. If you have Haitian cotton upholstery, we can clean it. Whatever your reason for needing dry cleaning methods you need for your carpet, our trained professionals can do it.


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Hard Wood Floor Cleaning in Phoenixville

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hard Wood Floor Cleaning in Phoenixville. At Nave’s cleaning services, we are able to take care of your expensive Italian Porcelain, your American ceramic tile or your Mexican tile, even your slate or brick. We are ready with almost 20 years of experience. The process we use to clean your hard surfaces, we begin with a putdown a pre-treat an acid-based or alkaline tile and grout cleaner, depending on which hard surface were cleaning and how soiled the surface is.


We will use a special tile and grout machine and/or a rotary machine with a nylon grip brush, which aggressively but gently concentrates on tile and grout lines. We will follow with a spinner machine that will powerfully, but gently rinse tile and grout clean. We may use a mop rinse if needed. This is a 2 step cleaning process that cleans the most soiled hard surfaces cleaned. We can apply a sealer if preferred.



No Wax Floor Cleaning

We can clean your Armstrong or Mannington beautiful kitchen or bathroom vinyl or linoleum floors with ease. Our process consists of using our rotary machine with special floor pad using a degreaser, stripper, or neutral floor cleaner, depending on the amount of soil and/or wax/sealer on the floor.


It is then followed by a spinner machine rinsing process. We may use a mop rinse also. We can apply the shine keeper shine wax sealer to make your floor look shiny and like new again. If you have a VCT floor, we can service your needs also.