Commercial Tile Cleaning Company in Chester County

Commercial Tile Cleaning Company Chester County

Commercial Tile Cleaning Company Chester County

We can clean your Armstrong or Mannington beautiful kitchen or bathroom vinyl or linoleum floors with ease. Our process consists of using our rotary machine with special floor pad using a degreaser, stripper, or neutral floor cleaner, depending on the amount of soil and/or wax/sealer on the floor.


Chester County

It is then followed by a spinner machine rinsing process. We may use a mop rinse also. We can apply the shine keeper shine wax sealer to make your floor look shiny and like new again. If you have a VCT floor, we can service your needs also.

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Cleaning Company in Limerick PA



Carpet Cleaning

We have helped many of our clients in Limerick PA area with their residential cleaning and commercial cleaning needs. Servicing  Limerick to Collegeville  to Phoenixville to Pottstown  and Douglassville. Carpet Cleaning is our specialty. Naves can handle all of your home cleaning needs from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning

Our cleaning company is located in the Douglassville servicing the Chester County to Philadelphia area. We have years of experience in residential cleaning and commercial clean. We are your cleaning solution for any clean up job. Carpet cleaning to Air ducts cleaning to building maintenance & more. Call us to day to get your free quote on any cleaning job you or your company needs.

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Our mission at Nave’s cleaning service is to give you our best service with a competitive price. We believe in treating your home or commercial facility like it’s our own. We guarantee our workmanship and we try to do what we say with professionalism from the minute we walk in the door. Your home or facility will look cleaner or brighter than it has in years, and you will still have paint on your walls. We have many references upon request from happy commercial and residential customers.